Spring Painting Specials

Bottom-Gard Anti-Fouling Paint

• For Fiberglass & Wooden Boats
• Ablative Action Repels Barnacles & Other Growth
• Outstanding Value & Great Results
• Solvent Based 25% Cuprous Oxide

Hard Hybrid Thin Film Antifouling
• Durable, smooth, thin-film finish resists build up
• Easy to apply and safer to use
• Compatible over all bottom paints
• Simple soap and water clean up
Pettit Neptune5 antifouling uses the latest technology available to
create a hybrid paint film strong enough to handle the tough marine
environment without building up over time. Its crossbreed finish is
extremely durable like a hard paint, yet it self-polishes over time like a
seasonal ablative. Soap and water cleanup along with no strong solvent smell, yields a user friendly application. Neptune5 does not require sanding between coats saving time and money. With low VOC it’s ideal for marinas under restrictions. Neptune5 can be used over all previously painted surfaces.

Ultima SSA - Ablative Antifouling Paint
Ultima SSA is an economical, yet extremely effective ablative bottom
paint. Utilizing the proven formula of Premium SSA, Ultima SSA provides excellent antifouling protection with an ablative surface that makes it an excellent choice for both power and sailboats. Ultima SSA’s surface wears away over time, eliminating build up or the need for sanding. It can be used on most previously painted surfaces in good condition. One or two coats per season are recommended for optimal performance.
• A very economical yet extremely effective antifouling paint
• Ablative technology eliminates sanding and paint build up
• High copper load (37.5%) at an affordable price
• Can be used on most previously painted surfaces

Hydrocoat – Multi-Season, Water-Based Ablative
Hydrocoat is the most advanced water-based, ablative antifouling available.  It offers exceptional multi-season protection against all types of fouling.  Hydrocoat’s innovative technology replaces the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, resulting in an easier application and clean up, with no heavy solvent smell. Hydrocoat’s ablative surface wears away with use, exposing fresh biocides while eliminating paint build up and the need for sanding. The low-odor formula is so environmentally friendly, it exceeds even the most stringent air pollution regulations. Hydrocoat withstands frequent trailering, beaching, and launching. Simply the best
water-based ablative multi-season protection.

Hydrocoat Eco – Multi-Season, Dual Biocide, Water Based, Copper Free Ablative
Water-based, copolymer ablative bottom paint. The highest level of metal-free Econea biocide available is combined with a powerful slime fighting inhibitor to provide unprecedented multi-season protection in the toughest marine environments. Innovative Hydrocoat Technology is used to replace the harsh solvents found in most bottom paints with water, providing an easier application and cleanup, with low VOC’s, and no heavy solvent smell. Hydrocoat Eco’s co-polymer ablative paint film wears away with use allowing for a controlled release of biocides while eliminating paint buildup and the need for sanding between coats. This copper-free formula is compatible over almost all bottom paints and is safe for use on all substrates including
steel and aluminum. Hydrocoat Eco will not lose effectiveness when removed from the water. Use water to thin if necessary.

Water-Based Ablative Antifouling
• Delivers strong protection for all areas.
• Powerful protection for all season long
• Compatible with most antifouling pants for power
and sail boats, in all waters
• Easy application and clean-up
• Not for use on aluminum

Fiberglass Bottomkote® Aqua – Waterbased
Original equipment on Sea Ray, Bayliner and Meridian Yachts.
Provides a colorfast, durable, low emissions finish that will provide
premium protection from algae, slime, barnacles,
zebra mussels and other forms of fouling. The low
VOC, low odor formula of Fiberglass Bottomkote®
Aqua is fast drying and has the added benefit of
easy clean up with soap and water.

ACT with Slime Fighter Season to Season Ablative
ACT uses Ablative Technology to provide excellent season-to-season
protection. Ablative Technology enables it to erode away with use and
eliminates the build-up of old spent coatings and the heavy sanding
needed to remove them. ACT provides excellent protection against all
forms of marine fouling in waters with moderate to heavy fouling and can be used in fresh, salt and brackish waters.
• Best value Ablative Antifouling protection
• Flexible application schedule, paint in the Fall and launch in the Spring.

Micron® CSC® Classic,
Reliable Micron Performance
Uses Micron® Technology to provide excellent, long lasting antifouling
protection against all types of fouling. Controlled polishing means that it wears away like a bar of soap, reducing buildup and minimizing sanding at reapplication. It can be hauled and relaunched without repainting. Uses less copper more efficiently than old fashioned high copper bottom paints. Suitable for power and sailboats.